start a salon

Please, try this at home.

The pottery salon is an infinitely repeatable concept - give it a try.
We would love to see Pottery Salons all over the world.  

If you start one, let us know.
And we’d be happy to answer any getting started questions you might have.
Here’s what we’ve learned so far:





Other Ideas

We’ve just scratched the surface of what these salons can be - there are more ideas than there are Saturday afternoons.  Here are a few ideas we’ve added the list: 

Diversify the speaker list
Our local clay store owner, a gallery owner, are on the schedule, integral parts of a functioning art community. We’ve also invited some out of town potters and we’re considering inviting business focused guests to address the group. 

Critique Sessions
It’s hard, if not impossible to solicit and receive honest but constructive feedback in the world of likes, comments, and shares. We’ve been thinking about how to bring that essential element of an arts education into this forum. 

Research and Resources
We’ve had a guest present on a local historic potter, and a few folks have brought in historic pots, books, and ideas to share - this is something we want to continue to foster. 

Roles and Responsibilities

There are about six specific roles you need to account for - they do NOT  all have to be the same person!!